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Month: June 2013

No No Hair Removal System Reviews

Are you interested in ditching your razor, not using chemicals, or forgoing expensive treatments to lose unwanted body hair? What consumer isn’t? It seems that, for many, the No No Hair Removal system would be the perfect solution to their problems. However, this product often receives mixed reviews, at best, anywhere outside the infomercial and manufacturer’s website. In this article, we will talk about what this hair removal device claims, as well as what actual users are saying. If you want a hair removal cream that is guaranteed to get rid of unwanted hair we suggest trying out StopGrow...

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Melasma – What It Is & How to Get Rid of It

Melasma is dark spots on the skin that may be brown or grey in color. They are caused by an over production of melanin and may appear at anytime but generally get worse with age. Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to these sun spots, and although they are not dangerous in themselves they can indicate skin damage which may be a precursor to skin cancers. The best way to treat melasma is to avoid it in the first place with plenty of skin protection from the sun. A good quality sun cream should be worn at all times, even...

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SkinCeption Illuminatural 6i Lightening Cream Review

As we go through life, our skin may begin to show age spots, freckles and other darkening. Every year, people spend millions of dollars on harsh, irritating skin lightening treatments such as chemical peels and dermabrasion in an effort to remove these dark spots. Skinception Illuminatural 6i is supposedly (according to their page) a safe, natural lightening treatment that allows you to remove any darkened spots on your skin without resorting to these painful, damaging treatments. About the Product Skinception Advanced Skin Lightener is formulated to safely remove spots and darkened areas that ruin your complexion, without the usual...

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Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector Reviews

Proactiv, a well respected and popular cosmetics company, has recently released its Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector, a cream that is said to help reduce the appearance of dark spots on the skin of the face. Though there are a lot of claims the manufacturer makes about this product, customers are most often left with mixed results, and some of the ingredients could potentially be harmful or dangerous. Read on to learn more about what Proactiv claims their Dark Spot Corrector does, as well as to learn what others are saying about this product. About the Product Proactive claims that...

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Underarm Whitening: How to Lighten Dark Armpits

Women absolutely love to wear sleeveless tops that show off their arms. Anything from a tank top to a tube top to even a simple bikini is bound to shed light on areas like your underarms. Unfortunately, a lot of women suffer from having dark armpits. This can be embarrassing and make a woman self-conscious about showing off her body. Thankfully, there are several different ways you can lighten the skin under your arms, a process called underarm whitening. CRUNCHED FOR TIME? To get beautiful, whiter armpits we highly recommend using either a decent skin whitening cream (CLICK HERE...

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