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Month: February 2014

Derma Wand – Customer Reviews and Full Overview

Every woman wants to look younger and have their skin glow with imminent beauty. The problem, especially when you’re older, is that your skin gradually loses its ability to stay firm and free of wrinkles. It’s an annoying but real issue and it can be rather difficult to fix. Wrinkles can be pretty stubborn, but there are ways to make your skin tighter and more beautiful such as using advanced treatment devices like the Derma Wand. About the Product Derma Wand is a fairly popular and rather interesting beauty device that uses the power of radio frequency thermal energy...

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DermaTend Reviews – Full Details and Review of DermaTend

Got an annoying mole that really stands out on your face or skin? Have a painful and embarrassing skin tag that just doesn’t want to go away? These are both frustrating and common issues that millions of people face. And, for the most part, there isn’t an easy solution for either one aside from cosmetic surgery. But one of the most effective treatments that actually removes these stubborn skin flaws and is affordable is DermaTend. NOTE: Since posting our review DermaTend has been discontinued. The product is no longer sold anywhere. For your mole removal needs we now recommend...

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Best Product for Dark Spots – Eliminate Blemishes Easily

One of the most annoying skin issues these days is dealing with dark spots. These are areas of the skin that become darker than the rest because of an increase in melanin production. This is most commonly referred to as hyperpigmentation but there are several forms including melasma, age spots, and more. Best Products for Eliminating Dark Spots Dark spots can be tricky to get rid of. Standard beauty regimens don’t usually cut it. In order to completely eliminate these stubborn blemishes you’ll have to use products that are designed to treat this condition. So what is the best...

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Obagi Nu Derm Blender – Reviews and Full Product Overview

About the Product The fifth step of the Obagi Nu Derm System is a product called Blender. This is primarily designed to be a skin brightener and works by targeting the melanin in the skin to slow the production of those cells and slowly decrease the darkness on your skin. It is a topical treatment that is used once per day on the affected areas. As with most other products in the Obagi line this one is meant to be used in combination with the other step products in the Nu Derm collection. It can be used individually (and...

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Best Dark Spot Correctors for the Face – Gentle Yet Effective Correctors

One of the most difficult areas of the skin to treat on ANY person is the face. The skin there is much more sensitive than nearly any other part of the body and even the slightest change can result in breakouts or other unwanted reactions. That’s why it’s important to find products that are both gentle and effective for your face. Below we reveal what the best dark spot correctors are for getting great results but also remaining safe to use even on gentle facial skin. #1 Meladerm Skin Lightener Civant Skin Care has developed one of the most...

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Obagi Nu Derm Clear – Reviews and Product Information

Have some stubborn dark spots on your face that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Are certain patches of your skin slightly darker than the rest? These are all embarrassing, annoying issues that are part of a condition commonly referred to as hyperpigmentation. And it can be a real pain to fix. Luckily, Obagi makes a killer product that works like magic on dark spots called Nu Derm Clear. About the Product Obagi Nu Derm Clear FX 3 is technically the 3rd step of the complete Nu Derm system but it can be used as a standalone...

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Obagi Toner – Reviews and Product Information

The Obagi Toner is another product that typically comes with the Obagi System alongside other Nu Derm items like Hydrate. It is designed to smooth and tone the skin using a unique combination of natural ingredients and even plant extracts. It’s safe to use and has been proven to be quite effective. The Obagi Nu Derm Toner is the step 2 product of the entire system. Everyone wants to have a fair and glowing skin. To keep the skin in a fair and glowing manner, you have to place special kind of care and attention to it. This factor...

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Obagi Nu Derm System – Reviews and Full Overview of the Kit

To make finding reliable cosmetics easier we have taken the time to review all products found within the Obagi lines for you. We provide our analysis of each one, customer reviews for every product, and even show you where to get Obagi cosmetics for the best price. This is pretty simple. We have created a page for every Obagi product possible. Just go to the page that corresponds with the product you’re looking for and you’ll find everything from ingredients found in the cosmetic, to real customer reviews, and links to the best prices for each one. It’s that...

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Obagi Hydrate Moisturizer Reviews & Information

Obagi Hydrate is a facial moisturizer that works really well. It is a part of the Nu Derm line and even comes with the Nu Derm Starter Kits and is highly recommended for many skin issues (such as acne or dry skin) or even for a standard daily beauty regimen. Below you’ll find more information about the product, customer reviews, and details about where to get Hydrate for the best price. Why You Need a Moisturizer Every kind of skin requires a special kind of care. However, oily skin is the most difficult skin to be treated with, as...

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Obagi Clenziderm MD System – Product Overview and Reviews

Manufactured by the popular and reputable cosmetics producer, the Obagi¬†Clenziderm MD System is a combination of 3 different treatments designed to significantly reduce or completely get rid of acne. This product is clinically proven to get to the deepest parts of every layer of skin to eliminate acne and give your skin a new, gorgeous look. Clenziderm can be purchased as separate pieces or as an entire kit. NOTE: If you’re looking for just regular skin care products (non-acne related) you should definitely check out the Obagi Nu Derm System, just FYI. What’s Included There are 2 different versions...

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