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AMBI is a popular line of skin care products that are sold in a variety of retailers including Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Kmart. The company produces a wide range of cosmetics including moisturizers, cleansers, lotions, and more. Perhaps one of its most popular and most searched item, though, is the AMBI Fade Cream, a topical treatment targeted at fading dark spots and evening skin tones.

About the Product

AMBI Fade Cream

AMBI Fade Cream comes in 2 different versions: 1 for normal skin and 1 for oily skin. It is a hydroquinone-based skin lightener (similar to ProDerma Light and NeoStrata HQ) that supposedly shows visible results after just 2 weeks of regular use. The cream also has a built-in sunscreen (with a 2% octinoxate base and SPF 30) but the product page still recommends using another sunblock in combination with AMBI Fade for best results.

Here are the known ingredients in the cream:

  • Hydroquinone 2%
  • Octinoxate 2%
  • Vitamin E
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps to protect good skin cells and repair damaged ones. Hydroquinone, as we’ve mentioned countless times, is known to be a potentially harmful skin lightening agent (even though the AMBI website specifically states that it is safe). HQ is banned in a few different countries because of the possible risks associated with its use. Alpha Hydroxy Acid is known for its capabilities to reduce wrinkles and prevent skin aging.

Our suggestion? Try using a non-HQ based product such as Meladerm skin lightener or SkinBright before using a potent, potentially dangerous product like this.

Ambi Fade Cream For Fades Dark Spots For Even, Natural Skin Tone, 2 oz
664 Reviews
Ambi Fade Cream For Fades Dark Spots For Even, Natural Skin Tone, 2 oz
  • With vitamin E and Alpha Hydroxy Acid.
  • Fades dark spots for even natural skin tone.
  • Contains a sunscreen to help prevent darkening from reoccuring.

AMBI Fade Cream Customer Reviews

Oddly there seem to be a lot of rave reviews available for AMBI’s skin lightening cream. They seem a bit suspicious at times, though, and within the mix you’ll find honest evaluations claiming that the product did little to fade dark spots and that it smells terrible.

Here are some of the reviews we uncovered:

AMBI Fade Cream Reviews Makeupalley

AMBI Fade Cream Reviews Amazon

I do see results from this product which I’ve used for years. It’s a gradual change that takes place. Nothing drastic (Travllr – Amazon Review)

have used ambi fade cream for normal skin for years to prevent dark “sunspots” on my face (D. T. Jones – Amazon Review)

Overall, AMBI Fade Cream manages to average a 3.5 to 4 star rating across most sites online. Many claim that it works well but we find this a bit hard to believe due to the low % of active ingredients and the fact that some of these consumer reviews seem over-hyped. But we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Our Review

After testing the product over the course of a few weeks we documented little to no change in the appearance of dark spots on the skin. Some individuals may experience a slight tone change but the effects aren’t anything to write home about. Nevertheless, the product has proven useful for many other people (based on reviews found on the web). And AMBI Fade Cream is readily available at most pharmacies and is pretty cheap.

While we didn’t find this cream to be especially useful many other purchasers did. For how affordable it is, it certainly can’t hurt to try it for yourself. Just be aware that hydroquinone is not the safest lightening agent out there despite what AMBI may have you believe.

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