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Beautycounter Appears to Be the New Kid on the Block

I was just reading a story on both feet about a new multilevel marketing organization called Beautycounter with a hot new skin moisturizer called CounterMatch that might be worth some attention. In general, I steer clear of beauty products sold by MLM, not because I don’t trust the quality but because it can be so trying to remain close with girlfriends who are involved in various systems like doTerra and It Works!

countermatch moisturizer senses your hydration levelsCall me old-fashioned, but I like to build relationships based on commonality that’s more traditional. For example, if my kids play with your kids, and I get the sense that as a mom you are on the ball, there’s a decent chance it will strike up conversations that take us beyond just what the kids are up to. But, I don’t have a lot of time in my life to come to your various product parties, nor do I impose that type of thing on my girlfriends by inviting them.

Anyway, I know that a lot of you gals are involved in these types of organizations, so I don’t want you to hear judgment in my voice. It’s just that I like to keep the two areas separate so that it never seems awkward if I decide to switch my business to somebody else etc. etc. You know the drill. It can get awkward when things like that happen.

Let’s Talk Adaptive Moisturizer

So, back to this moisturizer. As I read it, and this sort of boggles my mind, they’ve come up with a way to embed natural ingredients that sort of sense where your skin is on the moisturization scale. There is no question that your skins moisture levels are up and down depending on where you are in your day, not to mention what time of year it is and how that external environment influences your hydration levels.

One of this company’s scientists has come up with a formula using green olives, green rice, and beet root that can “monitor” these hydration levels and keep you at optimal levels throughout the day. In fact, their data indicates that it’s effective for up to 26 hours!

Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer Lotion Sells Out in a Single Day!

And, not surprisingly, such an adaptive moisturizer is crazy popular as summation point they sold out of the cream 24 hours after it launched this week. I can’t get any real estimate for when it will be back in stock, but if you have a nearby rep for the company maybe they can help you figure out if there’s a way to get some anytime soon.

And write us back so that we know what you find out. I’m unlikely to try it just because I don’t know anyone who reps for this business, but I’m very interested in the idea that a beauty product can actually moisturize that effectively for more than the 24 hours in a day.

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