Luminess Air Makeup Airbrush System Review

Airbrush makeup is gaining popularity throughout the beauty world. While this technique was previously available only in salons, it’s becoming increasingly more accessible for individual use. Thanks to products like the Luminess Air, you can get the professional makeup look at home. Why Use Airbrush Makeup? Regular liquid makeup can feel heavy on the skin….


Does Makeup Help Increase Self-Confidence?

After watching a very interesting video from Buzzfeed, you know the site that people spam videos from on Facebook ALL THE TIME, I found myself wondering if makeup was actually nothing but a tool to help women build up confidence. Obviously makeup can make you feel better about yourself by covering up your flaws like…


Dangerous Chemicals Found in Numerous Cosmetics

The business of selling makeup and skin care products is a massive one. It’s a multi-billion dollar business that will, more than likely, survive the test of time for generations to come. Every woman, teen, and self-conscious individual on the planet wants to look their best and will buy any product that helps them do…