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Obagi Hydrate is a facial moisturizer that works really well. It is a part of the Nu Derm line and even comes with the Nu Derm Starter Kits and is highly recommended for many skin issues (such as acne or dry skin) or even for a standard daily beauty regimen. Below you’ll find more information about the product, customer reviews, and details about where to get Hydrate for the best price.

Why You Need a Moisturizer

Obagi Hydrate Moisturizer

Every kind of skin requires a special kind of care. However, oily skin is the most difficult skin to be treated with, as it requires greater amount of care as compared to any other type of skin. A little negligence can lead to a great damage when you are having such a sensitive skin. Hence, it demands large amount of care before treating it with any kind of ointment, toner or moisturizer. As the choice of the wrong moisturizer is most likely to cause any of the skin problem like acne or any other kind of skin problem.

A good moisturizer of the skin must be having the following properties:

  • It should be oil free
  • It should be non-acne genic
  • It should be non comedogenic

About Obagi’s Hydrate Product

Obagi Hydrate Moisturizer is the safest choice for oily skin as well as the other kinds of skin. It is claimed as the miracle moisturizer owing to its property of giving long lasting effects to the skin and protecting it against the oil, dirt and moisture the whole day long.

It is approved by the dermatologists to be the safest choice that does not cause itching, irritation or sanitization at all. This property of Hydrate makes it unique of all the other moisturizers that claim to give the best results but are always complemented with some side effects.

Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer, 1.7 oz.
482 Reviews

Obagi Hydrate contains the active ingredients like Hydromanil. This is a scientifically innovative ingredient that actively retains the water of the skin and prevents the skin from the instant moisturizing. Hence the water is seized in the layers of the skin for a large period of time.

This moisturizer claims to give protection to the skin from the moisture for approximately eight hours which is nothing except the miracle.

The natural ingredients present in the hypoallergenic formula of the moisturizer contains the natural ingredients like mango butter, Shea butter and essentially the avocado that dynamically combats with the dryness of the skin without doing clogging into the pores of the skin.

This Hypoallergenic formula makes this moisturizer as the best choice of treating even the most delicate skin type.

Regular use of this moisturizer is guaranteed to provide remarkable results in the form of fresh, hydrated and smooth skin. You need to apply the moisturizer only two times a day to give maximum protection to the skin from all kinds of oils, moisture and dirt. This is how you can give a fresh, neat and cool look to your skin.

Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer Reviews

Most consumers agree that Obagi’s Nu Derm Hydrate moisturizer is one of the best facial moisturizers on the market today. It provides virtually instantaneous results and even performs well when used under makeup. But don’t let us tell you, here are some actual customer reviews to check out (clicking the images will make them larger):

Obagi Hydrate Reviews

This is a very small sampling but there are literally hundreds of positive reviews for Obagi Hydrate found across the Internet on reputable websites. Let’s be honest, Obagi has made it very obvious that they pay a lot of attention to quality and provide top notch products all around. Hydrate is no exception to their dedication to quality.

If you’re looking for other great products to help get rid of acne and clear up the skin you might also want to try out Obagi CLENZIderm – a unique system that works wonders to stop breakouts and bring out the natural beauty in your skin.

Want to Try it Yourself?

Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturizer, 1.7 oz.
482 Reviews


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