Obagi Nu Derm System kit

Obagi Nu Derm System | Reviews and Full Overview of the Kit

To make finding reliable cosmetics easier we have taken the time to review all products found within the Obagi lines for you. We provide our analysis of each one, customer reviews for every product, and even show you where to get Obagi cosmetics for the best price.

Obagi Nu Derm System

This is pretty simple. We have created a page for every Obagi product possible. Just go to the page that corresponds with the product you’re looking for and you’ll find everything from ingredients found in the cosmetic, to real customer reviews, and links to the best prices for each one. It’s that easy.

What is the BEST Product in the Obagi Line?

It’s a bit difficult to narrow down this because Obagi has many different cosmetic products they develop and each one is designed for a specific purpose (i.e. cleansing, getting rid of acne, eliminating dark spots, etc). If you really want to get the absolute best results you should definitely pick up our top choice – Obagi Nu Derm System Starter Kit – below you’ll find more information about it.

What Comes with the Obagi Nu Derm System Kit?

There are 3 different kits that Obagi makes for their Nu Derm line – 1 for oily skin, 1 for dry skin, and 1 for exfoliating. Below you’ll see exactly what comes with each one.

All Kits Include:

  • 6.7oz Foaming Gel (removes dirt/grime, provides a deep clean, makes skin very soft)
  • 6.7oz Toner (tones the skin and restores pH balance for healthier skin)
  • 2oz Exfoderm Forte (exfoliating lotion, works well for smoothing skin)
  • 30z Healthy Skin Protector with SPF 35 (protects the skin from harmful UVA rays)

Each Obagi system kit comes with pretty much the same products. But they are slightly different because each set is designed to be for either oily skin, dry skin, or just exfoliating. All of the products found inside the Nu Derm System are made up of all-natural ingredients that are both effective and safe to use.

Obagi Medical Nu-Derm System - Normal to Dry Bundle Including: Gentle Clearance, Toner, Clear, Exfoderm, Blend, Hydrate, and Sun Shield, Pack Of 1

Other Reviews of the Obagi Nu Derm System Kit

Obagi is very well known for making quality, safe, and effective cosmetic products. The Nu Derm System is no exception to that. Pretty much anywhere you go you’ll find tons of positive, glowing reviews for the Obagi Nu Derm line. Many women have made it very clear that it is simply the best solution for solving problems with acne, melasma, dark spots, and pretty much any other skin condition or discoloration.

Just started using it but already can tell a difference just in how much more moisturized my skin appears. I use it along with a dermaroller and am seeing immediate results! So far very pleased with my purchase!

Works great…..

These reviews were found on reputable beauty product review sites MakeupAlley.com and TotalBeauty.com. There are countless of similar testimonials from real customers that have used the Obagi Nu Derm products and nearly all of them agree it is the ONLY product line they’ll use on their skin. This stuff really works and is well worth getting.

Where to Get the Best Prices on Obagi Products

Obagi is known to work pretty well but it’s also known for being a little bit more expensive than other brands. The entire Nu Derm kit, depending on which one you get, isn’t cheap, but totally worth it. This is because it comes with a the full set of Nu Derm products such as the cleanser, Hydrate moisturizer, toner, sunscreen, and more.

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Want to Try it Yourself?

Obagi Medical Nu-Derm System - Normal to Dry Bundle Including: Gentle Clearance, Toner, Clear, Exfoderm, Blend, Hydrate, and Sun Shield, Pack Of 1

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