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Testing Cosmetics on Animals May Soon See Ban in US

Testing Cosmetics on Animals May Soon See Ban in US

For many years pet advocates have been fighting against large corporations that test their cosmetic products on animals. That fight may make its way to Congress soon. Animal activist groups are planning to make a bold move and push for a federal ban against testing cosmetics on animals in the near future. They hope that since bans have been successfully pushed through other parts of the world, namely Europe and India, that the issue may see a similar result in the United States.

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The main problem activists face now is that Congress is officially under a mostly Republican rule. And, considering the stakes that Republican candidates usually take with large companies, it’s unlikely that they will approve a ban that could result in higher costs and more labor. Perhaps the Tea Party will side with the group, however, to potentially sway some voters to the right.

We’re not going to get too deep into the politics behind this matter simply because we are a cosmetics website, not a political blog. But the possibility of a ban being pushed through to Congress is very interesting. Being pet lovers we don’t support companies that test potentially toxic cosmetics on animals. It’s dead wrong. Animals deserve a quality life just as much as humans do.

That being said, we hope to see the ban become federal law but we have our doubts. It’s an issue that definitely needs to be in the spotlight a lot more and get a lot more support from Americans than it does now for a ban to stand a chance in Congress. Let’s all hope that eventually an animal testing ban will become a reality in the world of cosmetics.

If this ban was to be passed into law it’s important to note that it would only apply to cosmetics testing on animals. It would not protect animals from being used in biomedical research.

Source: [ABC News]

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