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Ulta Building Distribution Center in Dallas

Ulta Building Distribution Center in Dallas

Ulta, one of the most recognized names in the world of retail cosmetics, is currently in talks with land developers to build a massive, 670,000 square foot distribution center in Dallas, Texas within the next year or two. The company plans to spend an estimated $18 million on the project that will result in jobs for 450+ people.


The project could be completed by as soon as 2016 but, unfortunately, is still in the planning phase at this point. This does suggest, however, that Ulta has been doing quite well selling their collection of perfumes, skin care products, and other cosmetics. It’s also another awesome story about how the cosmetics industry is having a huge, positive impact on the economy in the United States.

Let’s be real, though.. it doesn’t matter how hard times are, how bad the stock market is performing on any given day, or how far in debt America plunges… men and women will ALWAYS pay for products and tools to help themselves look good. Unless we digress to a caveman-like era of time it’s highly unlikely that cosmetics will stop flying off the shelves anytime in the near future.

Ulta is one of the largest retailers of beauty products in the U.S. alongside similar stores such as Sephora and Sally Beauty Supply, or online sites. What many people don’t realize is how relatively new the company is. Ulta was founded just 24 years ago in 1990 in Illinois. Since then the company has grown to over 715 locations and employs nearly 20,000 people.

Ulta Beauty has been making waves on Wall Street as of late, too. With annual sales rising well over 20% over last year and analysts predicting the company’s sales to top $3 billion by February of next year, it’s no wonder that the cosmetics retailer is aiming to create new distribution centers. Not to mention the CEO, Mary Dillon, has already stated that she intends to foresee a total of 1,000 Ulta stores throughout the United States by 2017.

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