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Tips for Safely Accelerating Your Tan

Tanning is about looking great and feeling good in your own skin. Nothing makes you feel more confident than having color on your skin, especially in your Summer clothes or on a night out.

Tanning has become one of the most important elements of personal style in the last few year and in the age of selfies and Instagram it’s easy to see why. We’ve never been more on show 24/7.


Tanning isn’t all about the look though. There’s a load of health benefits that can come from that glow. Vitamin D is the main one. The sunlight or more specifically the UV rays encourage your body to produce vitamin D which is crucial to your body’s health.

Vitamin D has been associated with preventing liver cancer and ovarian cancer. Vitamin D is also essential for healthy skin and to improve your general health.

So tanning is awesome for your look and your lifestyle and it seems like everyone is starting to realize. It’s also never been easier to get your tan with a bunch of really easy options.

Easy Tanning

So there are a number of easy ways to get that bronzed skin. Firstly you can look for bottles of fake tan which are available everywhere.

These work by staining the skin various shades of golden brown but have a number of limitations. Rarely does it provide even coverage and can often appear patchy. It can also rub off and leave streaks which are very noticeable by the end of the night.

For those who haven’t used them before, basically specialized beds expose your body to UV rays which causes tanning. They can be used for as little as a few minutes with noticeable results and there are tanning booths everywhere.

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Spray tanning is cost effective and simple but if you want to make the most of indoor tanning and get the tan you want quickly then you’ll want to accelerate your tan, that’s where tanning lotion comes in.

Accelerating Your Tan

Tanning lotions have been used for a number of years to help with tanning. These tanning lotions normally contain a mixture of oil and sunscreen to protect from harmful rays while promoting the tanning process. Tanning lotions have been shown to be very effective and now there are specialized indoor tanning lotions.

Indoor tanning lotions have been specially created to work in tanning beds without damaging them. The oils don’t normally contain any sunscreen as the UV rays and all used to help with the tanning.Beauty

They work by encouraging the production of melanin in the skin, this helps promote the dark color of the skin and create bronze skin. Tanning lotions are available with moisturizers to keep your skin healthy and resilient.

Tanning lotions are really effective, for more information and for all the best tanning lotions check out the ones below.

Want to Try the Best?

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