Hi there! I’m Michelle Gardner and I want to to welcome you to True Cosmetic Beauty! I started this blog in 2014 to help people understand and find the best beauty and skincare products (cosmetic procedures too).

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With Amazon.com and Walmart.com dueling it out to deliver pretty much everything right to your door, the prices are SO MUCH BETTER than what we used to have to pay when the only really choices were department or drugstores.

But you do have to be careful. Our website contains in-depth reviews of the most popular skincare aids and cosmetics from both big & small brands, but I also go over where the best prices and return policies are.

In other words… we’re just an all-around beauty blog. We cover everything from acne treatment kits to neck creams and all that fits in-between.

We are Unbiased and Fully Qualified

You’ll find real, honest reviews of products and services and detailed overviews of the most popular cosmetic procedures around, and so much more here on our site.

You may wonder what makes me feel knowledgeable enough to run a site this big.  First, I’ve been through so many struggles and solutions with my skin and hair that I can almost review a product by looking at the ingredient list alone.

I also went to cosmetology school at Carolina College and worked in Charlotte’s biggest beauty salon for more than 6 years before stopping to raise my kids. I am convinced that you’ll find our reviews useful when it comes to figuring out which products and services are best for your routine.

Working with True Cosmetic Beauty

If you’re in the beauty business and want help getting ‘your story’ out, I’m open to that conversation. But you should know up-front that no space on this site is for sale, including our opinion and recommendation.

I’m happy to accept samples but you have to know up front that nothing you provide will influence our review (or even that we will write up a review either!).  There are no shortcuts in the beauty business… if you can’t be bothered creating effective products, they’re going to fail even if you try to buy reviews.

Women are smart and exceptionally bright consumers. If you have something that meets those standards, check out our social channels or write to me at contact@truecosmeticbeauty.com  and we will be delighted to share the news!

Thank you for being with us and I wish for you a beautiful day!