Psoriasis is an irritating and disturbing skin condition that affects thousands of people around the world. The itchiness, pain and scabs it brings can make your life more difficult. Having this skin problem is also embarrassing. If you don’t want to ruin your daily routine due to this skin issue, you should know how to solve this problem.

Finding the best solution to psoriasis is not too difficult. If you have this condition, all you have to do is seek help from experts. After diagnosing your condition, your doctor will give you some recommendations. For the best treatment procedure, using a product called Dermasis is a viable option.


For several months, Dermasis has frequently dropped out of stock at Amazon, which was by far the best price anywhere we looked. Thanks to our reader Brenda S. we have a solid recommendation for Puriya Cream for Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Rashes and the price is EXCELLENT from Amazon.

About the Product

This psoriasis product is manufactured by a reputable company. To solve your skin problem, experts have infused it with natural ingredients. Through using it regularly, you can get rid of the nagging itch and pain. Also, the dead and dry skin can also be eliminated. Aside from this, unattractive scales will also be removed forever.

Ingredients Found in Dermasis

As compared to regular skin products, the Dermasis psoriasis cream has effective and safe ingredients including palm oil, Malaleuca Alternifolia and Vitamin Acetate. With its ingredients, this remarkable product can eliminate pinkish patches and other skin problems. Another great thing about this item is that it is non-greasy and instantly gets absorbed in the skin. It also doesn’t cause any strain and makes your skin more stunning.

What it Does

What are the other benefits of this psoriasis cream? If you don’t know them, here they are:

• It helps in reducing excessive itchiness and skin redness

• Effective in peeling the skin and offers enough moisture

• Your skin is also protected from ultra violet rays and the shedding of dead skin cells will speed up

• Perfect for any types of skin and doesn’t include negative side effects

After knowing its exact benefits, you already know what makes this item more effective as compared to others. With the solution it offers, this item is highly recommended by skin experts and specialists.

If you are planning to use this psoriasis solution, your next concern is to know where and how to find it. With its increasing demands, more and more manufacturers get tempted to make an imitated product. If you don’t wish to get a fake and ineffective one, always read several reviews online. Through reading reviews, you can determine if your preferred supplier is effective or not. You can also read the feedback of customers.

Want to Try Brenda's Puriya Cream Recommendation?

Looking to knock out both the early signs of aging and the awful embarrassment of uneven skin tones with one solution? The early onset of aging, primarily wrinkles and fine lines, as well as dark spots can be quite annoying to deal with.

But there are products available that can help you repair your skin and restore its natural youthfulness again. That's exactly the promise of the Obagi-C RX System.

What's in the Full System?

Obagi-C Rx System

The Obagi-C Rx System makes use of prescription-strength 4% hydroquinone and the awesomeness of vitamin C to tackle the most common signs of aging. This skincare system is designed to make your skin appear softer, smoother, and younger. It does this by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles while simultaneously fading away uneven skin tones.

There are two different versions of this system available: one for normal to dry skin types and another for normal to oily skin types. Both consist of 5 different products that work together to lighten the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and promote healthy skin cell growth for new, radiant-looking skin.

Here are the products seen in this system:

The cleansing gel removes makeup, oil, and dirt to better prepare your skin for the absorption of other steps of the system. The clarifying serum is designed to work as a targeted-solution for removing dark spots and producing a brighter complexion. The exfoliating day lotion is a deep moisturizer that also exfoliates.

Sun Shield is a powerful sunscreen that we have previously named our favorite broad-spectrum sunblock. The therapy night cream is another solution meant to reduce dark spots but also provides essential vitamins (mainly A and E) to your skin as you sleep. And, finally, the balancing toner (which goes with the normal to oily skin system) adjusts your skin’s pH value.

NOTE: Some of these products are not available in certain states (MA, MT, NH, NY, and TX) because of state regulations. If you live in one of these states a great alternative to this line is the Obagi-C Fx System.

But look, many of you will want to work on dark spots without using hydroquinone. It's always been a controversial ingredient and a number of companies now create lighteners that completely avoid hydroquinone (and its risks).

You might also be interested in 2 'best of' roundups that we wrote to make decisions easier. Best Dark Spot Correctors (overall favorites) and Best Dark Spot Correctors for Black Skin

Obagi-C Rx System Reviews

Don't take our word, or any other website/blog's opinion for it. The best way to determine if this system actually does what it says is to glance over reviews left by real consumers that have actually used it.

Here are some of the reviews we found online for this particular system:

Most people are very impressed with the results they got after using the Obagi-C Rx System. They noted that their skin looked considerably better, that the products effectively reduced the appearance of things like hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, and that the products are not harsh on the skin.

Our Review

If you're looking to take on dark spots and fine lines this is definitely a great skincare system to try out. The hydroquinone-based products work wonders for fixing uneven skin tones while the vitamin-C based steps improve the clarity and smoothness of the skin with ease.

Obagi-C Rx System Before and After

You're going to have to decide for yourself if hydroquinone is safe enough to use.  With the C RX System you need the prescription and so a physician consult might help to answer those questions.

Overall, it's definitely worth buying and trying out for yourself. The results come pretty quickly and are definitely worth the money.


As we always tell our readers, always be sure to read labels or boxes and find out what's in any cosmetic product before ever applying it to your skin. This ensures your safety and helps you avoid using products that may contain substances you may be allergic to.

Here are the primary ingredients found in this system:

Hydroquinone is a well-known, highly-effective skin lightening agent found in many cosmetics. Vitamin C is a powerful supplement that strengthens the skin and provides a great foundation for the growth of health new skin cells.

How to Use the Obagi-C Rx System

Both systems (the normal to dry skin and the normal to oily skin versions) have a specific morning and nighttime routine that should be followed for optimal results. Those routines are posted below.


  1. Use the C-Cleansing Gel to wash the face well. Rinse well with lukewarm water and then gently pat the skin dry afterward.
  2. Use the C-Balancing Toner (normal to oily skin only). Pump just a small amount (recommended is 3 to 4 pumps) onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over the face. Air dry but do not rinse this product off.
  3. Use a total of 5 to 7 drops of the C-Clarifying Serum all over the face.
  4. Use the Exfoliating Day Lotion (normal to dry skin only), just a small amount, all over the face. Rub it in until it appears to be completely absorbed into the skin.
  5. Apply the Sun Shield Matte sunscreen to the face liberally before applying makeup or roughly 15 minutes before heading outside.


  1. Apply some of the C-Cleansing Gel to the face and massage it in. Then rinse the product off thoroughly.
  2. Use a small amount (3 to 4 pumps are recommended) of the C-Balancing Toner (normal to oily skin only). Same as before, rub it all over your face with a cotton pad, air dry, and do not rinse off.
  3. Apply a small amount of the Therapy Night Cream all over your face. Massage it in gently, do not rinse off.

That's all for the routines.

Where to Get It

If your dark spot issues are so significant that over-the-counter products are not working, you may need to reach out to a dermatologist. I'm not sure what they'll recommend but you can throw Obagi-C RX out as an example and they should help you explore several options.

Want to Try Some Non-Prescription Alternatives?

  • CETAPHIL GENTLE SKIN CLEANSER: For daily use to gently clean, hydrate and soothe sensitive skin
  • AMERICA's #1 BEST SELLING FACIAL CLEANSER: Gentle face wash for all skin types; ideal for sensitive, dry skin
  • DEVELOPED FOR EVEN THE MOST SENSITIVE SKIN: This pH balanced, fragrance-free formula is hypoallergenic
  • GENTLE ENOUGH FOR USE WITH OR WITHOUT WATER: Follow with a CETAPHIL facial moisturizer to lock in moisture
  • DESIGNED FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: All CETAPHIL products are effective yet non-irritating
  • [ DAILY FACE WASH ] Gentle cleansing lotion with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin to help hydrate skin without stripping moisture. Removes face makeup, dirt, and excess oil, provides 24-hour hydration and leaves a moisturized, non-greasy feel
  • [NON-FOAMING CLEANSER ] Moisturizing facial cleanser with a lotion-like consistency feels smooth as it cleanses, even on sensitive, dry skin. Paraben-free, fragrance-free, soap-free, non-comedogenic, non-drying, and non-irritating. Certified by the National Eczema Association
  • [ ESSENTIAL CERAMIDES ] Ceramides are found naturally in the skin and make up 50% of the lipids in the skin barrier. All CeraVe products are formulated with three essential ceramides (1, 3, 6-II) to help restore and maintain the skin’s natural barrier
  • [ DERMATOLOGIST RECOMMENDED ] CeraVe Skincare is developed with dermatologists and has products suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, acne-prone, and more
  • [ MULTI-USE SKINCARE ] Skin Cleanser for face and/or body and can be used as a hand wash. Suitable for daily cleansing morning (AM) and night (PM)
  • EXTREME ANTIOXIDANT BENEFITS - With potent antioxidants like Vitamin C, and natural Organic Aloe, this facial wash works for both men and women to rejuvenate the skin. All skin types will see the nourishing benefits of this formula.
  • BLEMISH DEFENSE - Our Vitamin C Cleanser is a gentle face wash that helps clear and unclog pores, breakouts, and blemishes.
  • BALANCED COMPLEXION - Penetrating deep to keep the skin hydrated this oil cleanser uses a combination of soothing oils and moisturizers to leave the face with a boost of hydration and a clean feel for both morning and night.
  • EXFOLIATING FACE WASH - Great to use alongside an exfoliating face wash such as our Glycolic Cleanser; this anti aging face wash acts as your skin’s daily defense and ensure that you see youth restored to the skin.
  • ANTI-AGING CLEANSER - Our daily face wash is packed with powerful antioxidants Vitamin C, Aloe Vera and Green Tea which leave the skin radiant and refreshed. Known to fight aging concerns, this facial cleanser reduces the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines and signs of aging while also leaving the skin bright & blemish free.
  • Clinically proven to deep clean skin: cleanses without leaving skin feeling dry
  • Skin feels refreshed & moisturized: low lather formula will not strip skin of essential oils, which can leave skin feeling dry and tight
  • Removes oils & dirt: Hypoallergenic facial cleanser is gentle enough for morning and night use and is clinically proven to deep clean skin and remove oils, dirt and makeup
  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Dermatologist recommended and non comedogenic skin cleanser rinses clean without leaving pore clogging residue; Massage a small amount onto wet skin. Aluminum free
  • Gentle enough for everyday use; mild and non irritating formula is perfect for normal to oily skin and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin
  • Gentle hydrating face wash cleanser for normal skin to dry skin suitable for sensitive skin
  • Formulated with La Roche Posay Prebiotic Thermal Water, Ceramides, Niacin amide and Glycerin
  • Soap Free; Oil Free; Fragrance Free; Non comedogenic; Allergy tested; Paraben Free
  • Daily cream facial cleanser hydrates skin

Every woman wants to look younger and have their skin glow with imminent beauty. The problem, especially when you're older, is that your skin gradually loses its ability to stay firm and free of wrinkles. It's an annoying but real issue and it can be rather difficult to fix. Wrinkles can be pretty stubborn, but there are ways to make your skin tighter and more beautiful such as using advanced treatment devices like the DermaWand.

About the DermaWand Skin Treatment Kit

DermaWand kit

DermaWand is a fairly popular and rather interesting beauty device that uses the power of radio frequency thermal energy to rejuvenate the skin, make it tighter, and make it look younger. Similar treatments are done in professional salons and doctors' officers for anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000+ per session. Radio frequency treatments are supposedly very effective.

The DermaWand lets you skip the expensive professional procedure and gives you the same advanced skin rejuvenating power in the palm of your hand. This little device requires just a few minutes of use per day, isn't painful in the least, it provides real results, and is actually affordable. It is literally the the ideal piece of beauty equipment to have in your arsenal.

DermaWand Customer Reviews

We always like to do fact checking before providing a recommendation on any cosmetic product. And part of this process is digging up reviews posted by actual customers. These provide genuine insight as to whether or not a product is effective and worth spending your money on.

Here are some of the user review we found online for the DermaWand (if they're too small just click them to make them bigger):

Yikes! We found many, many bad reviews of this product all over the web. Multiple people said they were either scarred or burned by the device. Others stated that the device completely gave out on them after just a month or two of use. And many more plainly proclaimed that it just doesn't work at all.

Does the DermaWand Technology Work?

The actual user evaluations of this product reveal the answer to this question in black & white. The DermaWand is simply not effective and not reliable enough to warrant purchasing it. This thing ins't cheap and there are far more effective wrinkle treatments out there that you can get for that much or even less.

Recommended Alternatives

We suggest looking into a high quality wrinkle cream such as Obagi ELASTIderm or SkinMedica TNS Illuminating Eye Cream - while they are a bit expensive they are proven to work far better than the DermaWand device. These products are also much safer to use on the skin and won't produce any unwanted side effects.


In general, most of these miracle electronic devices are pretty useless. If you really think about it .. if these devices did work as well as a professional treatment... why would anyone every bother to go to a salon? Sure, some do work to an extent, but you won't get the same quality as a professional treatment that costs $1000s of dollars. Use your head!

But, if you want to make progress on your skin, get rid of stubborn wrinkles, and make your skin look younger and tighter.. creams DO work. Just don't expect it to be an overnight miracle treatment. It takes time. But it is far more cost effective than blowing $1000+ per session with a salon.

Want to Try it Yourself?

The Nu-Derm system is the crowning jewel when it comes to Obagi's skincare lines. It is by far the most popular line offered by the company.

This system was created to decrease aging of the skin, fix issues such as hyperpigmentation and dark spots, and improve the overall appearance of the skin as a whole.


About Nu-Derm

Obagi recommends using the Nu-Derm system to correct problems such as age spots, redness, uneven skin tones, and other related issues. It can also be used to prevent these conditions from arising and also to make the skin look more youthful and beautiful.

Obagi Nu-Derm is available in two different versions:

It's probably pretty obvious but the first one is designed for individuals with normal to dry skin types while the latter is specifically meant for people with normal to oily skin types. Both consist of a multi-step system that needs to be done every morning and night.Obagi Starter Kit Normal to Oily

The normal to dry Nu-Derm system uses these products:

The normal to oily version, on the other hand, consists of these products:

As you can see the products included in each one are fairly simple with a couple of exceptions. These are custom-tailored depending on your exact needs for your skin type. For further details about each individual product within the system simply click the associated link above.

Both Obagi Nu-Derm systems will help reduce the appearance of things like fine lines and dark spots. They are also capable of fixing discolored skin patches related to hyperpigmentation or even melasma. So, if you're looking for the ultimate skin lightening solution, you'll definitely want to give the Nu-Derm line a shot.

How the Nu-Derm System Works

Obag's Nu-Derm skincare system is formulated with high-quality, high-potency ingredients that work together to decrease the production of melanin (responsible for creating dark splotches), reduce wrinkles and fine lines, promote the growth of healthy, new skin cells, and help make your skin look younger than ever.

Nu-Derm System

The formula is a special blend that will balance out the pH levels of your skin, correct even the worst discoloration-related conditions, and leave your skin looking absolutely gorgeous. Keep in mind, though, that while each of the products in the Nu-Derm line can be purchased separately that they are intended to be used together as part of the entire Obagi system.

Using these products individually will yield some improvements in your skin but it is highly recommended that you use the entire Nu-Derm system for the absolute best results possible.

Obagi Nu-Derm Reviews

Before you ever whip out your credit card and make a purchase of any cosmetic product you should always make yourself fully aware of the opinions of the general public. You know, real customers.

Here are some of the real reviews we found across the web for the Nu-Derm system:

As you can see, most women (of all ages, by the way) are highly impressed with the results they see while using the Nu-Derm system. Many have claimed that they have seen great improvements in their complexions, stating that dark spots faded away rather quickly, the line worked well to get rid of unsightly blemishes, and more.

There are a few reviewers that said they didn't like the texture of some of the products, though. And a couple claimed that Exfoderm in particular caused their skin to dry out and flake. But, for the most part, the majority of users had pleasant experiences with Nu-Derm.

Our Review

Nu-Derm is by far our favorite skincare system. It works incredibly well, isn't too harsh on the skin, is moderately priced, and provides fast results. Doing the entire routine every day and especially night can be a bit tiresome but the end results are definitely worth the extra effort.

If you want to get younger-looking skin or need a skin lightening treatment to fix uneven skin tones, we highly recommend trying this line of products. As mentioned above, we do suggest using the entire system, but if you're just looking for targeted solutions these are still great to try.

How to Use the Obagi Nu-Derm System

As we stated above, the Nu-Derm system requires using multiple steps twice daily. You have to use 6 products in the morning, and then 5 at night.

Here's what you do each morning:

1. Wash face with a small amount of either the Gentle Cleanser or Foaming Gel. Rinse off thoroughly using warm nudermwater and then carefully dry off the area.

2. Immediately after cleaning apply a small amount of Toner using a cotton ball. Rub the ball over your face and neck. DO NOT rinse off the Toner.

3. Apply a very small amount of Clear all over the face.

4. Apply a small amount of either Exfoderm or Exfoderm Forte all over the face.

5. Use a small amount of Hydrate all over the face.

6. Apply Sun Shield to face before heading out into sunlight. According to the official website this product should be reapplied to the skin once every 2 hours for best results.

And here's the nighttime routine for the system:

1. Gentle Cleanser or Foaming Gel (same instructions as morning regimen)

2. Toner (same as morning)

3. Clear (same as morning)

4. Blender (same as morning)

5. Hydrate (same as morning)

And that's all there is to it.


It's always important to know exactly what's in anything you intend to put on your face or skin in general. If you are allergic to or have had a bad experience with any of these substances you may want to consider an alternative skincare product.

Ingredients found in Nu-Derm products include:

NEVER use a product that contains a substance that you are allergic to or have had bad experiences with.

Where to Buy It

Are you ready to give Obagi's Nu-Derm system a spin? As mentioned above, you can purchase the entire system together (recommended option) or buy each of the steps individually if you just need one or two parts.

Notes: Women that are pregnant or intend to become pregnant in the near future may want to hold off on using Nu-Derm products. They include a particular ingredient, hydroquinone, which may or may not lead to birth defects, pregnancy complications, or other related issues. Tests have thus far been inconclusive.

DISCLAIMER: Before beginning use of any cosmetic product you should consult your doctor or physician to ensure that it is safe for you to use. We do not condone purchasing or using any skincare or health-related products without first consulting a professional.

Want to Try the System that Fits Your Own Skin Type?

There are plenty of skincare systems out there that are designed for middle-aged to older women that target common issues related to aging such as dark spots and wrinkles, but there aren't many lines designed specifically for younger individuals who wish to preserve the natural beauty and youth of their skin. It makes sense to start protecting the skin early on so you have less issues to deal with down the road. And that's exactly why the Obagi360 System was created.

About Obagi360Obagi360 System Preview

Obagi360 is a brand-new skincare system created to help establish a great foundation for younger people. The system protects the skin from potential damage, improves uneven skin tones, minimizes any fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the potency and regularity of acne breakouts, and a lot more.

This system is meant to help younger people (presumably teens to mid or late 20s) obtain and maintain a beautiful, youthful complexion. It addresses many common issues including pore size, dry skin, acne, clears clogged pores, fixes uneven skin, and promotes the growth of healthy skin that is soft, smooth, and beautiful.

The system itself consists of three different products:

The exfoliating cleanser, as the name implies, both cleans and exfoliates the skin. This removes excess dirt and oil while at the same time gets rid of damaged skin cells.

HydraFactor works as both a powerful moisturizer and as a broad-spectrum sunscreen. This ensures proper hydration to fuel the growth of healthy skin while simultaneously protecting the developing skin from common issues caused by exposure to both UVA and UVB rays.

Finally, the retinol is used to improve the overall texture and tone of the skin. This helps make the skin appear clearer, firmer, and assists in the reduction of issues such as fine lines and wrinkles.

[amazon box="B01LWI2TLG"]

Obagi360 System Reviews

This all sounds bright and peachy, right? But what do the people think? It's always important to look at reviews left by people that have actually used a product before considering buying it yourself.

Here are just a few of the reviews found online for the Obagi360 system:

Obagi360 Reviews
Obagi360 Reviews 2
I have used this product for several years and love it! I ordered this from this seller on mid September 2017, shipping was fast as promised. Beware when ordering though---all three expire 10/2017! I am sure they will retain their potency longer but for the price I would expect a fresher product.

This is a nice set with some really good products ~~ The exfoliating cleanser is very intense. I love the larger grained abrasive that is in it, and my face feels AMAZING after I clean with it, although I will caution that I when I used this 3 days in a row my face was intensely sensitive. It's very powerful, so I've backed off on it to about every 3rd day unless I really feel I need that deep intense clean. The Retinol .5 cream is very intense as well ~ I cannot use this but every 3rd day, either. I was doing it every day but my face was actually burning from it. I have fairly sensitive skin so not everyone will react the same way, but I just want to caution you. It's working very well, though ~~ I particularly wanted to target a wrinkle I have between my brows and on my forehead and already, after just a couple weeks of use, I see improvement!! I'm thrilled. The sunscreen feels so great when smoothed onto your newly exfoliated skin!! I gave this 4 stars because while the products are good, I'm not convinced that they are better than some very similar products that I've used and that are available at better prices, just not in the kit. It's a nice boxed set, no doubt, but would not be my first choice of how to buy these products. (Mimmi - Amazon Review)

Customer satisfaction with this product is actually quite high. Roughly 80% or more users claimed that they saw great results using the system including improvements in skin tone, noticeably tighter skin, increased brightness of skin, lines and wrinkles seemed less prominent, and more.

Our Review

If you're in your late teen years to your mid twenties, this is a great skincare system to use. The routine is easy-to-follow, it only consists of three products (many others have 4-6 products you have to use daily), it's reasonably priced, and, best of all, it actually provides visible results in a timely manner.



Overall, this is a system we can confidently recommend to younger users. There's no better time than now to start protecting and conditioning your skin to make sure its healthy, youthful, and radiant for years to come. And the Obagi360 System can help you with that.

How to Use It

This system involves both a morning and a nighttime routine that should be followed daily. Don't worry, though, it's very simple, and quick to do.


  1. Use the Exfoliating Cleanser to clean the face of all dirt and oil.
  2. Apply the HydraFactor to the face liberally.


  1. Clean the face thoroughly using the Exfoliating Cleanser.
  2. Apply the Retinol 0.5% solution over the face.

That's all there is to it.

Where to Get It

Think this skincare system is right for you? While it is a fantastic system it is, unfortunately, hard to come by. Because of how new it is this system can be difficult to find in local stores. It is, however, easily purchased online.


Want to Try it Yourself?

[amazon box="B01LWI2TLG"]

Got an annoying mole that really stands out on your face or skin? Have a painful and embarrassing skin tag that just doesn't want to go away? These are both frustrating and common issues that millions of people face. And, for the most part, there isn't an easy solution for either one aside from cosmetic surgery. But one of the most effective treatments that actually removes these stubborn skin flaws and is affordable is Dermatend.

NOTE: Since posting our review Dermatend has been discontinued. The product is no longer sold anywhere. For your mole removal needs we now recommend using Amoils' H-Moles Formula - an FDA approved, highly effective oil that treats and removes moles.

**REALLY** Great Alternatives to Dermatrend

We are certainly sad to see a product as effective as Dermatrend go away, but thanks to all the great feedback from you ladies in out skin tag poll, we have two excellent alternatives! Ariella's Skin Tag & Mole Remover is blowing away the competition - at 4.4 Stars on Amazon with 767 reviews they are struggling to keep it in stock! Grab it if you can.

Second on the list for Dermatend alternatives is Skin Pro's Skin Tag & Mole Remover. There aren't yet as many reviews and it's 3.6 Stars on Amazon but that's about equal to Dermatend's old rating, at least. Skin Pro also has an EXTREME concentration for those who have really stubborn issues.

Ye Olde Dermatend Review (R.I.P.)

DermaTend packaging tube and jar

Dermatend is an all-natural, topical cream that works to remove both moles and skin tags. This is one of the only products available that has been proven to be effective at getting rid of these particular skin conditions. In most cases individuals would have to result to expensive cosmetic surgery to completely eradicate these problematic blemishes.

Skin tags are small, benign tumors that form on the skin and can be extremely painful. While it is possible to remove these yourself it can be a very painful process and leave gruesome scars on the skin afterward. With Dermatend you can simply apply the solution to the tag and wait for it to drop off, a much simpler and painless method.

Moles are a form of skin lesions that are considered benign but are often a sign that you will be more prone to the disease known as melanoma. These blemishes can occur both beneath and on top of the skin. Some can be mildly irritating while others won't hurt at all. It is generally difficult to get rid of moles but DermaTend does the job quite well.

Dermatend Customer Reviews Found Online

Dermatend is an extremely popular product. Thousands of people have tried it out on their own moles and skin tags to see just how well the product performs. There are tons of reviews all over the Internet for it, too.

Here are a few of the actual customer reviews we found for Dermatend (click to enlarge the images):

DermaTend Review


DermaTend Reviews

DermaTend Review 2

As you can see there are a number of mixed opinions about this particular product. Some people claim that it worked perfectly to remove their blemishes. Others say that it worked for a select few moles or tags but didn't on others. And a handful of other users stated that the cream did little or nothing at all for their skin.

Does Dermatend Work?

Overall, Dermatend has maintained a 3 to 4 star rating (out of a possible 5) on most major websites. In other words, it's not perfect. The old saying of "results may vary" applies heavily in this case. For some, this product will work wonders and remove moles & skin tags with ease. Others may only be able to remove a portion of their blemishes. And for some, it may not work at all.

DermaTend Before and After

But the good news is that you're covered no matter what your results are. Dermatend offers an extremely generous 60-day risk free trial for their product. If you use the solution and are not 100% pleased with the results you get you can simply mail back your empty bottle to the company and receive a full refund for your purchase.

Dermatend Ingredients

IngredientsOne thing that you should always educate yourself on when it comes to ANY cosmetic are the ingredients that are found in the product. This is especially important if there are certain chemicals or components that you are allergic to or have had bad run-ins with in the past.

Here are the ingredients found in the Dermatend Mole & Skin Tag remover:

Overall, there aren't any harsh or harmful ingredients to be found in this product. It is made mostly of natural plant extracts which are gentle on the skin but still effective enough to remove the blemishes that you're targeting.

Purchasing Information

NOTE: The information below is now outdated. Dermatend is NOT available for purchase ANYWHERE as it has been discontinued. For great, fast results, we recommend trying out Amoils' H-Moles Formula to get rid of unwanted moles on the skin.

DermaTend is available in 3 different packages. These primarily differ in the total amount of the product that you receive but there are 2 that come with a free gift and discounted rates, too.

DermaTend Deals


Here are the details:

Original Dermatend Remover

Extra Strength Dermatend Ultra

2 Extra Strength Ultra Bottles

Overall, this product works very well for getting rid of stubborn moles and skin tags. And it is significantly cheaper than visiting a dermatologist (which generally charges $100+ just for you to walk through the door) or getting surgery (very expensive). In other words, with the 60 day money back guarantee, this is definitely the first treatment you should try out.

Other Products for Skin Tag & Wart Removal!

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