Dermatend review

Dermatend Review | Discontinued But Here are Alternatives

Got an annoying mole that really stands out on your face or skin? Have a painful and embarrassing skin tag that just doesn’t want to go away? These are both frustrating and common issues that millions of people face. And, for the most part, there isn’t an easy solution for either one aside from cosmetic surgery. But one of the most effective treatments that actually removes these stubborn skin flaws and is affordable is Dermatend.

NOTE: Since posting our review Dermatend has been discontinued. The product is no longer sold anywhere. For your mole removal needs we now recommend using Amoils’ H-Moles Formula – an FDA approved, highly effective oil that treats and removes moles.

**REALLY** Great Alternatives to Dermatrend

We are certainly sad to see a product as effective as Dermatrend go away. But thanks to all the great feedback from you ladies in our skin tag poll, we have two excellent alternatives!

Ariella’s Skin Tag & Mole Remover is blowing away the competition – at 4.4 Stars on Amazon with 767 reviews they are struggling to keep it in stock! Grab it if you can.

Second on the list for Dermatend alternatives is Skin Pro’s Skin Tag & Mole Remover. There aren’t yet as many reviews and it’s 3.6 Stars on Amazon but that’s about equal to Dermatend’s old rating, at least. SkinPro also has an EXTREME concentration for those who have really stubborn issues.

Ye Olde Dermatend Review (R.I.P.)

DermaTend packaging tube and jar

Dermatend is an all-natural, topical cream that works to remove both moles and skin tags. This is one of the only products available that has been proven to be effective at getting rid of these particular skin conditions. In most cases individuals would have to result to expensive cosmetic surgery to completely eradicate these problematic blemishes.

Skin tags are small, benign tumors that form on the skin and can be extremely painful. While it is possible to remove these yourself it can be a very painful process and leave gruesome scars on the skin afterward. With Dermatend you can simply apply the solution to the tag and wait for it to drop off, a much simpler and painless method.

Moles are a form of skin lesions that are considered benign but are often a sign that you will be more prone to the disease known as melanoma. These blemishes can occur both beneath and on top of the skin. Some can be mildly irritating while others won’t hurt at all. It is generally difficult to get rid of moles but DermaTend does the job quite well.

Dermatend Customer Reviews Found Online

Dermatend is an extremely popular product. Thousands of people have tried it out on their own moles and skin tags to see just how well the product performs. There are tons of reviews all over the Internet for it, too.

As you can see there are a number of mixed opinions about this particular product. Some people claim that it worked perfectly to remove their blemishes. Others say that it worked for a select few moles or tags but didn’t on others. And a handful of other users stated that the cream did little or nothing at all for their skin.

Does Dermatend Work?

DermaTend Before and After

Overall, Dermatend has maintained a 3 to 4 star rating (out of a possible 5) on most major websites. In other words, it’s not perfect. The old saying of “results may vary” applies heavily in this case. For some, this product will work wonders and remove moles & skin tags with ease. Others may only be able to remove a portion of their blemishes. And for some, it may not work at all.

But the good news is that you’re covered no matter what your results are. Dermatend offers an extremely generous 60-day risk free trial for their product. If you use the solution and are not 100% pleased with the results you get you can simply mail back your empty bottle to the company and receive a full refund for your purchase.

Dermatend Ingredients

One thing that you should always educate yourself on when it comes to ANY cosmetic are the ingredients that are found in the product. This is especially important if there are certain chemicals or components that you are allergic to or have had bad run-ins with in the past.

Here are the ingredients found in the Dermatend Mole & Skin Tag remover:

  • Zinc Butter
  • Distilled Water
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Sanguinaria Canadensis

Overall, there aren’t any harsh or harmful ingredients to be found in this product. It is made mostly of natural plant extracts which are gentle on the skin but still effective enough to remove the blemishes that you’re targeting.

Purchasing Information

NOTE: The information below is now outdated. Dermatend is NOT available for purchase ANYWHERE as it has been discontinued. For great, fast results, we recommend trying out Amoils’ H-Moles Formula to get rid of unwanted moles on the skin.

DermaTend is available in 3 different packages. These primarily differ in the total amount of the product that you receive but there are 2 that come with a free gift and discounted rates, too.

DermaTend Deals

Here are the details:

Original Dermatend Remover

  • For getting rid of up to 4 moles or skin tags
  • Results in ~3 applications
  • No bonuses

Extra Strength Dermatend Ultra

  • For getting rid of up to 15 moles or skin tags
  • Results after just 1 application
  • BONUS – FREE Healing Balm

2 Extra Strength Ultra Bottles

  • For getting of up to 30 moles or skin tags
  • Results after first application
  • FREE Healing Balm

Overall, this product works very well for getting rid of stubborn moles and skin tags. And it is significantly cheaper than visiting a dermatologist (which generally charges $100+ just for you to walk through the door) or getting surgery (very expensive). In other words, with the 60 day money back guarantee, this is definitely the first treatment you should try out.

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