Makeup Self-Confidence

Does Makeup Help Increase Self-Confidence?

After watching a very interesting video from Buzzfeed, you know the site that people spam videos from on Facebook ALL THE TIME, I found myself wondering if makeup was actually nothing but a tool to help women build up confidence.

Makeup Confidence

Obviously makeup can make you feel better about yourself by covering up your flaws like acne, scars, etc, but do some of us really use it just to feel more empowered?

The video is short, roughly 2 minutes, but it documents how one girl who typically never wears makeup did an experiment and wore makeup every day for a week straight to see how it made her feel. She reveals that during the experiment she found herself feeling more confident at work and out in general.

She also states that after the week was over she realized that while she did feel more confident she also felt like people were noticing her imperfections more.

Listen to what she has to say:

So, which is it? Is it different for every single woman? Personally we feel that makeup is designed to help you boost your self confidence by hiding issues. But can that also make you feel even more insecure about your looks? Are we really just developing even bigger insecurities by masking our imperfections?

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The video definitely brought questions to mind and made us wonder if using makeup and skin care products can actually damage you psychologically. This would make for a great topic of study if anyone is willing to take up the task of running the experiment on a larger scale with a more diverse sampling of women.

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