HairMax LaserComb Hair Growth System review

HairMax LaserComb Hair Growth System Review | Does This Work?

As one of many products on the market for the treatment of male pattern baldness, or hair loss in general, the HairMax Lasercomb claims it will help men and women to regrow hair.

About the Product

The website for this product is very impressive. They boast clinical studies, tout the fact they have been cleared by the FDA to market their product to both men and women, and show testimonials and before and after photos. A bit of digging, though, makes the website seem strange.

HairMax Lasercomb

There are asterisks all over the place, and none of them are quite ever explained. Even though anyone can safely backup their claim that shining a laser on one’s head is, indeed, something that does not use chemicals or drugs, it is still hard to decide whether this product is worth the investment.

Before and after photos will not let you get a closer look, and even though they claim their product has a ninety-three percent success rate, they still have the disclaimer on nearly every page that says the results depicted or talked about on that said page are not typical, and that each individual cannot expect those kinds of results. It would seem that, for a product so expensive, and with such a wide “clinically proven” success rate, that they would be more confident in the results.

A far cheaper, and more effective, option is to try out Provillus, which has a formula for both men and women, is affordable, and has been proven to work very well for hair growth time and time again.

Customer Reviews

Despite the claims, the first thing that turns many customers away from this product is its price. The typical lasercomb can cost hundreds of dollars, even though some reviewers claim the product seems flimsy. Many who used this product for an extended amount of time saw little to no hair regrowth.

I have only started using the HairMax Prima 7 LaserComb this past week – based on limited use I can’t say anything about my hair growing in again, or growing in thicker etc. but, this device is super easy to use and really doesn’t take long for each treatment. Also, I am enjoying the shampoo and conditioner – they make my hair feel soft and fluffier and it looks shiny. Just started with the vitamins. Once I have been taking the vitamins for a while and have given the lasercomb adequate time to do its thing, I will let you know if it is helping me regrow hair I have lost due to illness and anxiety over said illness. (Sandra Lee Roberts – Amazon Review)

Been using this for 2 weeks now, of course I haven’t seen any results yet, but what I CAN say is that it is handy, it has this beep that tells you the exact time you gotta shift the position of the combing,and it comes with the shampoo, conditioner, scalp treatment and vitamins. I can tell you that the shampoo really makes my hair thicker than usual, so I suppose the rest of the products must work too… 6 months from now I’ll see the real results… then, updates will follow. (Rodrigo O. – Amazon Review)

An FDA clinical study of the effectiveness of such treatments, when not paired with another proven hair loss treatment method, actually showed that users of the lasercomb saw less hair regrowth results than those in the placebo group of the study. Even according to the manufacturer, you must use this comb for at least 10 weeks on a daily basis before seeing any type of results.

And after that length of treatment, again, even the manufacturer claims you cannot always see the results in photography taken of those undergoing treatment. Your best bet, if you are experiencing hair loss, is to talk to your doctor about proven methods of treatment, and probably skip this particular product.

For best results, give Provillus a try, it’s safe, effective, and easy on the wallet! It’s our #1 recommended hair regrowth treatment option!

Our Review

Based on the information we discovered relating to the HairMax Lasercomb, coupled with the generally negative customer reviews, we believe it’s safe to say that this product is one to skip trying. The website makes a lot of wild claims but also throws disclaimers in your face that make it obvious that they know their product doesn’t work well for everyone. And customers have basically had nothing good to say about it, either.

To save yourself a ton of money and disappointment, be sure to check out Provillus. It’s much more affordable, it’s not a gimmick like most laser combs are, and there are treatment formulas for both men and women available. It’s a pretty solid product that has received rave reviews from both major cosmetic outlets and customers. It’s well worth trying. Another option is supplement-based hair growth vitamins if you are open to the idea of taking extra vitamins to initiate hair growth.

Try the HairMax Laser Hair Growth Comb

  • Follicle boosting ingredients that nourish the scalp to create the optimal environment for the growth of naturally stronger, denser, healthy vibrant hair.
  • Creates the optimal environment for the growth of naturally stronger, denser, healthy vibrant hair.
  • For use on damp or towel dried hair. Spray and massage into scalp. Leave in and style hair as usual.

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