painless hair removal - wax or shave

Painless Hair Removal

Nothing beats the smooth feeling of hairless legs. It gives us the confidence to wear what we like and not worry about showing off one of our best assets. There are now loads of ways to get rid of any unwanted hair on the body and we can work them into our daily routines.

Shaving is probably the most common method and there are a lot of different products available so you can achieve the best results. Shaving does have a lot of positive points, but waxing is the way to go for that long lasting smooth feeling.

Shaving or waxing

Waxing vs Shaving

We’re all familiar with the debate between waxing and shaving and a lot of us have experienced both. Traditionally waxing was only really doable by professionals, but recently companies have begun manufacturing much more effective home products that allow you to wax in the comfort of your own home affordably.

Waxing has a number of benefits over shaving that is attracting more people to it every day. In fact, waxing is:

● Longer lasting
Instead of trimming hair down with a razor, waxing pulls the hair out at the root. This means it lasts considerably longer and you won’t have to wax as often.

● Flawless Skin
Waxing gives a much smoother texture to your skin because it removes the hair at the root. It also leaves no cuts or scarring if you slip with the razor, these can often be very noticeable too.

● Fast and Convenient
A lot of waxing products have been designed so they can be used on their own and washed away with water. This makes the whole process quick and efficient making smooth skin simple.

Painless Waxing

As you can see, waxing has a number of key benefits that make it much more effective than shaving. However, for a long time waxing has been known for the irritation and sometimes severe pain that comes with it. It’s often seen as rough on the legs and just unthinkable for the bikini region.

Actually, waxing has been developed to give much better results without all the pain. New wax, along with new applicators, allows you to use wax strips in the comfort of your home without all the mess and irritation. Nowadays if you use the right products in the right way it’s an almost painless sensation.

Painless Wax have created a whole range of products designed to let you remove any unwanted hair simply. They offer everything from pre-treatments to full bundles of waxing kits that allow you to kick the razor out for good and instead enjoy the long last effects of waxed legs.

Nothing beats the look and feel of smooth hairless skin. Waxing allows you to quickly remove any unwanted hair and keep it gone for months at a time. If you’re tired of the time-consuming shaving process then it’s time to upgrade to wax strips. Or try using new hair removal technologies.

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