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Author: Michelle Gardner

Beautycounter Appears to Be the New Kid on the Block

I was just reading a story on both feet about a new multilevel marketing organization called Beautycounter with a hot new skin moisturizer called CounterMatch that might be worth some attention. In general, I steer clear of beauty products sold by MLM, not because I don’t trust the quality but because it can be so trying to remain close with girlfriends who are involved in various systems like doTerra and It Works!… Read...

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Move Quickly! The Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System Is on a One Day Sale at Amazon!

We just wanted to pass along word that the iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System is on a one-day discounted special with Remington’s iLIGHT is truly a revolutionary approach to hair reduction, requiring just three treatments to eliminate roughly 94% of the hair in those regions where you do not want it.… Read...

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Remington iLight Pro Reviews: Is it Worth the Money?

One of the attractions of the Remington iLight Pro is that it is not some weak home IPL hair removal system that is not strong enough to budge resistant unwanted hair, it has been developed by a leading dermatologist and is based on the same system that is used in professional salons at a fraction of the cost.… Read...

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Tips for Getting Silky Smooth Skin with an Epilator

I am giving here a set of general tips for anyone who has not used an epilator hair removal system and who is looking to know what is involved in using an epilator versus a shaver. However, keep in mind that each brand and model have their own set of instructions, and it is important that you also give through their specific instructions in order to make the best use of your new epilator hair removal system.… Read...

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Are Epilators Really Worth the Money? Find Out Here

One of the most common questions I hear when it comes to epilators is, “Are they worth the money?” I have been performing some sort of hair removal technique on my body for almost 25 years now and for anyone who ask me if an epilator is worth the money, I always answer with a resounding “Yes!” There are a few reasons that I believe that not only are some epilators actually worth the money but can actually save you quite a bit of money in the long term.… Read...

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The Pros and Cons to Using an Epilator for Hair Removal

Weighing the pros and cons of using an epilator can be a good way to decide if you should invest in one of these devices to get rid of unwanted hair on your body. As with any type of beauty or personal hygiene device, epilators are going to have both advantages and disadvantages and you need to look at what is most important to you when deciding on using an epilator.… Read...

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