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TATCHA Dewy Skin Cream & Rice Wash Bundle Review: Radiant, Dewy Skin Awaits

Darling, listen closely, because I’m about to let you in on a skincare secret that will give you the luminous, hydrated complexion of your dreams. I’m talking about the TATCHA Dewy Skin Cream & Rice Wash Bundle – two products that work in harmony to deeply nourish your skin and impart an inner glow.

As a beauty expert, I’ve tried my fair share of skincare, but TATCHA’s formulas truly stand out from the rest. Keep reading as I walk you through my personal experience testing this bundle, from first impressions to visible results. Consider this your insider’s guide to achieving soft, dewy skin that looks lit from within.

Key Takeaways

  • The Dewy Skin Cream provides intense, plumping hydration with Japanese purple rice and anti-aging ingredients.
  • The Rice Wash gently cleanses without stripping, leaving skin feeling soft and renewed.
  • Together, they replenish ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier and lock in moisture.
  • After 2 weeks of use, my complexion looked more radiant, smooth, and visibly hydrated.
  • The texture feels luxurious, though the pricing is quite high ($100 for 2.5oz Dewy Cream).
  • TATCHA’s beautiful packaging and brand ethos add to the overall experience.

Now, let’s delve into the details, shall we? I’ll walk you through my first impressions, insider application tips, visible results over time, and whether or not this pampering bundle lives up to the hype.

Unboxing the TATCHA Skincare Bundle: First Impressions

As soon as the TATCHA package arrived on my doorstep, I knew I was in for a treat. The minimalist packaging and glossy purple accents gave me a surge of excitement for the skincare magic I was about to experience.

Carefully opening the box, I discovered two lustrous cobalt jars – one for the Dewy Skin Cream and one for the Rice Wash. As a lover of rich, nourishing textures, I couldn’t wait to slather these creams on my face!

Twisting open the Dewy Skin Cream, I noticed the faint botanical scent and ultra-silky texture. It felt cool and lightweight despite being so moisturizing.

Next, I dipped my fingers into the Rice Wash. The velvety formula reminded me of a gentle, foaming cream cleanser. I loved the soft scent of rice water.

One thing was clear – these products felt impossibly indulgent. The glass jars and luxury formulas made me feel like royalty just holding them in my hands!

While the $100 price tag gives me slight sticker shock, I know from experience that TATCHA formulas deliver advanced Japanese ingredients and sublime textures. This bundle in particular harnesses the clarifying properties of rice water along with the brand’s signature Hadasei-3 complex, including anti-aging superfoods like green tea, rice, and algae.

I couldn’t wait to see how these two products would work together to create soft, healthy-looking skin. It was time to take them for a proper test run!

My 10-Day Test Run: TATCHA Skincare Routine

Over the next 10 days, I committed to using the TATCHA Dewy Skin Cream & Rice Wash Bundle exclusively morning and night. This allowed me to truly assess how these two products interact and the results they can achieve as a skincare system.

Here was my routine:


  1. Rinse face with lukewarm water
  2. Massage Rice Wash into damp skin for 30 seconds
  3. Rinse and gently pat dry
  4. Apply pea-sized amount of Dewy Skin Cream
  5. Gently press cream into skin until absorbed


  1. Remove makeup with micellar water
  2. Cleanse with Rice Wash using same method as morning
  3. Apply thin layer of Dewy Skin Cream before bed

I made sure to pay attention to the texture, efficacy, and effects on my skin over time. Below are my detailed impressions.

Creamy, Luxe Textures

Can we talk about the sublime textures and application experience?

The Rice Wash starts off with the rich slip of an oil cleanser. As you massage it into skin, it melts into a silky lather that feels soothing and gentle. My skin never felt tight or stripped after cleansing.

Meanwhile, the cooling gel-cream texture of the Dewy Skin Cream is an absolute dream. Despite being so lightweight, it provides a major boost of hydration that quenches thirsty skin. A little goes a long way, absorbing instantly without heaviness or greasiness.

I loved pampering myself morning and night with these elegant textures – it made my skincare routine feel like a spa-like treat. The beautiful packaging only adds to the luxurious experience.

Boosted Radiance and Softness Within Days

Here’s where things get exciting – visible results!

Within three days of using the TATCHA bundle, my complexion looked remarkably brighter and more even-toned. The hydration boost seemed to plump and smooth away rough texture, especially on my cheeks and forehead.

By day 5, my skin felt incredibly soft with a noticeable glow. And the results only improved with continued use.

After 10 days, my complexion appeared visibly plumper and more luminous. Fine lines looked a touch smoother as well. The hydration levels made my makeup glide over skin seamlessly.

I noticed the most dramatic effects on my cheek area, which prone to dryness. The Rice Wash and Dewy Cream made this zone look supple and dewy.

Based on my experience, this bundle absolutely delivers on its claims to impart smoother, more radiant skin! The hydration and nutrient density make skin look healthy and happy.

The Cherry on Top: Soothing Calm & Reinforced Moisture Barrier

Now, your complexion doesn’t only look more radiant – it feels amazing too. This is all thanks to the bundle’s ability to reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier and maintain a state of calm.

The Hadasei-3 complex in these formulas provides anti-inflammatory benefits that soothe and balance skin. I noticed irritation subside and sensitivities calm during my testing period.

Even better, both the cleanser and moisturizer contain ceramides and oils that reinforce the moisture barrier. This helps seal hydration in and prevent water loss over time.

When your barrier is strong, skin locks in that dewiness and maintains suppleness day after day. No more dry, flaky patches in sight!

For me, this moisture-boosting ability is a total game changer. My skin feels more comfortable and looks plumper than ever before. The visible glow speaks for itself.

Is the TATCHA Dewy Skin Bundle Worth the Investment?

As a skincare enthusiast, I find this bundle to be an outstanding combo that delivers real results. However, the price point may give budget-conscious shoppers pause.

Overall, I would recommend the TATCHA skincare bundle for those seeking intense hydration and a luminous complexion. While costly, a little goes a long way. It’s perfect for dry, mature skin in need of nourishment.

The beautiful packaging also makes these products a wonderful gift. Just be sure to supplement with sun protection during daytime to get the most anti-aging benefits.

For a more budget-friendly routine, I suggest starting with just the Rice Wash cleanser first. Then you can layer on any hydrating essence or serum followed by a gel moisturizer. This mimics the lightweight hydration at a fraction of the cost.

No matter which TATCHA products you choose, your skin will thank you! This brand truly pampers your complexion.

Charlotte’s Pro Tips for Using TATCHA’s Dewy Duo

After evaluating the TATCHA Dewy Skin Cream & Rice Wash Bundle inside and out, I’m excited to share some pro application tips to help you get the most from these luxe skincare products:

1. Start with a pea-sized amount. The Dewy Skin Cream is highly concentrated – a little goes a long way! Start with a small pea-sized blob and massage thoroughly into skin. You can always add more if needed.

2. Mix with serum or SPF. For lightweight daytime hydration, mix a pump of your favorite serum or SPF into the Dewy Skin Cream. This dilutes the texture while still reaping the benefits.

3. Finish with facial oil. If your skin is very dry, apply a few drops of nourishing facial oil over the Dewy Cream. This extra lipid layer helps seal in maximum moisture.

4. Avoid eye area. These rich formulas are best for the face. Use a separate eye cream to avoid congestion and milia around the delicate eye zone.

5. Store in a cool, dry place. For longest shelf life, keep products in a dry area away from direct sunlight and humidity. Refrigeration is not needed.

6. Invest in the Rice Wash first. If the bundle is out of budget, begin with the Rice Wash cleanser. Your skin will feel oh-so-soft! Then you can add the Dewy Cream down the line.

7. Less is more. Remember, too much Dewy Cream may feel heavy. Stick to a thin veil pressed gently into skin until absorbed. You want your complexion glowy, not greasy!

I hope these tips help you incorporate TATCHA into your own beautiful skincare regimen. Now let’s answer some common questions.

FAQs: Your Top TATCHA Questions, Answered

To summarize the key facts on TATCHA’s bestselling skincare bundle, here are answers to my most frequently asked questions:

This bundle is ideal for normal to dry skin that needs rich hydration. It transforms dehydrated, lackluster skin into a dewy complexion. Those with oilier skin can still use the cleanser followed by a lighter moisturizer.

With consistent use morning and night, one 2.5oz jar of Dewy Skin Cream lasts about 2-3 months. The Rice Wash cleanser lasts a bit longer at about 3-4 months per bottle.

The formulas have a very light botanical scent from the natural ingredients. They are fragrance-free in that no synthetic perfumes are added. Those sensitive to fragrance likely won’t have issues.

Yes, each product comes in an airless pump jar that protects against contamination. Use the spatula included to hygienically scoop out product as needed.

While nourishing, these two products alone won’t fully address all aging concerns. I suggest adding a treatment serum and dedicated eye cream to target fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles as well.

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out! I’m always happy to provide personal skincare recommendations.

The Final Glow Down: Luminous Skin Awaits

Well darling, we’ve come to the end of my full review – and I hope you feel equipped with the knowledge you need to achieve scintillating radiance.

While an investment, the TATCHA Dewy Skin Cream & Rice Wash Bundle provides intense hydration that reveals a healthy, lit-from-within complexion. Consider it your fast-track to soft, supple skin.

From the sensorial experience to the visible results, I whole-heartedly recommend this duo to anyone seeking a hydration boost. Your skin deserves this gentle yet effective level of pampering!

Now go on, claim your glow. I can’t wait to see your skin blossom with renewed hydration and vitality. Here’s to your beautiful future complexion!

Let me know if you have any other skincare questions. I’m here to help guide you to your most radiant, confident self.

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