Melasma Facts and Treatment Options Guide

Melasma Facts and Treatment Options

Melasma is a condition of the skin in which small patches of the skin become darker and range in color from brown to gray. This condition mostly affects women between the ages of 20 and 50. It is an extremely common disease but is not a huge threat to the overall health of the individual unless the spots are diagnosed as being cancerous. This is generally not the case, though.


Women are highly susceptible to developing melasma. In fact, a large number of women have the condition but don’t realize it. Most just brush it off as general skin blemishes and use makeup products to cover up their appearance. This condition is, however, treatable using both cosmetic products and procedures.

Brooke Burke discussed the troubles of dealing with Melasma on the popular TV show, The Doctors, back in 2009. Listen to what she has to say about this condition:

What Causes Melasma?

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Melasma can be caused by several different things but the most common are:

  • Excessive Sun Exposure
  • Contraceptives
  • Hormones

Sun exposure is the leading cause of melasma in women. The most sunlight the body is exposed to the more likely the individual will develop melasma or general dark spots caused by increased melanin in the skin. Too much UV light can cause the pigments in the skin to become dark. Not only is this a cosmetic issue but excessive sun exposure can also lead to more serious conditions such as skin cancer. If you develop spots anywhere on your body you should seek diagnosis from a qualified physician to rule out any life-threatening diseases.

Contraceptives, primarily birth control pills, can also cause women to develop melasma. This is mainly due to the wild changes in hormones when using BC. Hormones control a lot more of your body than you think, including how the pigments in your skin change. To completely free yourself of the dark patches you may have to switch birth control brands or even stop using it completely.

Hormones, as mentioned above, can play a significant role in the development of skin diseases such as melasma. Sometimes the hormones in your body will cause you to produce more melanin (the chemical responsible for skin coloration) than normal. Excessive amounts of this chemical can cause patches or spots on your skin to become darker than the rest. The best way to manage this is by using a quality skin lightener such as Meladerm pigment reducer from Civant Skin Care.

Treatment Options

As mentioned above, one way to treat melasma is by using cosmetic products such as skin lighteners or dark spot correctors. These tend to target the melanin producing cells in your skin and inhibit them from creating too much of the chemical. This leads to dark pigments on the skin gradually fading away. You can find out more about the best one by reading various Meladerm cream reviews to get an idea of how well the product works.

Other options include surgery, regular visits with a dermatologist, and procedures provided by estheticians.

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