Underarm Whitening: How to Lighten Dark Armpits Guide

Underarm Whitening | How to Lighten Dark Armpits

Women absolutely love to wear sleeveless tops that show off their arms. Anything from a tank top to a tube top to even a simple bikini is bound to shed light on areas like your underarms.

Underarm Whitening

Unfortunately, a lot of women suffer from having dark armpits. This can be embarrassing and make a woman self-conscious about showing off her body. Thankfully, there are several different ways you can lighten the skin under your arms, a process called underarm whitening.

CRUNCHED FOR TIME? To get beautiful, whiter armpits we highly recommend using either a decent skin whitening cream, using a natural deodorant, or trying out Meladerm – a skin brightener that’s safe on intimate areas.

Here are some of the best underarm whitening methods to get lighter, sexier skin under your arms:

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1. Use a Skin Lightener

The fastest and simplest way to fix those dark armpits is by picking up a reliable skin lightening cream. There are tons of these available, but only a few are known to be truly effective and safe. The most recommended cream is one called Meladerm, a skin lightener created by award-winning manufacturer, Civant Skin Care. This product is made of all-natural ingredients, starts producing very visible results in just 2 weeks, and it works for all other areas of the skin, too.

2. Wax or Laser Hair Away

Because one of the major causes of dark armpits is the presence of dark hair, it’s important to get rid of it in a proper manner. The best ways to remove unwanted hair are by either waxing (which requires continuous effort) or by getting laser hair removal treatments done. Getting laser treatments will (eventually) lead to permanent hair loss so you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Waxing is a cheaper, effective method, too.

You can even perform laser treatments on yourself, at home, for much cheaper. To learn how, check out our article about the Silk ‘n Sensepil home laser hair removal system.

3. Break Out the Lemons

As odd as it sounds, lemons actually work decently as natural skin lighteners. It’ll take a while for the effects to really show but if you just apply lemon juice to your underarms once every night before bed you’ll eventually see the the skin start to lighten up. For best results, be sure to also use a moisturizer and exfoliate the area often.

Below we’ve listed a few hot tips for getting rid of dark underarms.

1. Skip Shaving

Believe it or not, shaving actually makes this condition worse. How? Using a razor doesn’t completely get rid of hair. Instead it just trims it down to the skin. This can often leave a bit of stubble which is naturally darker and can make your armpits appear dark, even if that isn’t the case. Instead, try either tweezing or waxing the area to get a much smoother, cleaner appearance.

2. Exfoliate Often

In many cases, the reason why some women have darkened skin under their arms is because of the presence of dead skin cells. The build-up of these cells can produce darker pigments in the skin. It’s very easy to stop this, though. Simply start exfoliating under your arms with a semi-rough sponge in the shower. Using a lactic-acid based cleanser while exfoliating this area does wonders, too.

3. Cut Back on Deodorant

While this isn’t a solid, scientific fact, many researchers have stated that women that use too much deodorant often face the risk of creating dark skin on their armpits. Apparently some of the ingredients in deodorant react with the melanin within your skin, causing some areas to become darker than others. So be sure to try putting on less deodorant.

Do you know of other methods or tips that aren’t mentioned above? Let everyone know your secrets by dropping a comment below!

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