Olay White Radiance Skin Whitening

Olay White Radiance Skin Whitening Products Review

Olay makes just about everything under the sun when it comes to cosmetics. Moisturizers, wrinkle creams, anti-aging solutions… you name it, they’ve got a product for it.

But one line that many people tend to overlook is their skin whitening product line known as Olay White Radiance. This line consists of a few different products including a facial cleanser, daily softener, a facial moisturizer, and 2 special treatments that help to improve and whiten the skin to make it look even more beautiful.

SAVE SOME TIME: Don’t want to read our in-depth review? No problem! You can check out real customer reviews and other details by checking out Olay’s White Radiance products on Amazon. Or, if you’re looking for a great alternative, we highly recommend trying Civant Skincare’s Meladerm.

About the Product

Olay White Radiance Skin Whitening Products

There are actually several other items in the White Radiance line such as a dark spot corrector and an intensive brightening serum but all of these cosmetics work toward one specific goal – to make your skin appear whiter.

But there are literally THOUSANDS of other products available both online and offline that are designed to do the same thing. Does Olay’s spin on these skin whitening treatments stack up against others? Read our full Olay White Radiance review below to find out.

Olay has been proven to not be an effective skin lightener or moisturizer. For a truly effective and safe alternative we recommend using Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex – it works great, is affordable, and provides quick results.

Olay White Radiance Customer Reviews

Surprisingly there aren’t really a ton of reviews to be found for any of the White Radiance products from Olay. We were able to find a few, though.

A lot of people complained about how it was either very oily, didn’t work under their makeup, or left them with other skin issues such as breakouts and odd pimples. That definitely doesn’t sound great. There are some good reviews, too, but the bad reviews are very troubling and make you wonder if the good ones aren’t just fabricated.

Our Review

The bad reviews we found on the web really threw up red flags for us on this particular product line. It’s one thing for a cosmetic item to just not work, it’s an entirely different story when it starts producing further issues such as overly-oily skin and breakouts. That is a major deal-breaker in our opinion. This stuff isn’t exactly cheap, either. At nearly $50 a piece you’d expect this stuff to work but sadly, White Radiance doesn’t live up to expectations. There are far better products out there for the same price or slightly more.

Overall, the Olay White Radiance skin whitening line is just not worth touching. It is poorly designed and has a just a big of chance of doing more damage to your skin as it does lightening it. There are definitely better products available. The ones we recommend most are Civant Skin Care’s Meladerm and Skinception’s Illuminatural 6i, both of these products cost a bit more but are definitely worth the money. They provide real, fast results whereas Olay only has a 50/50 chance of working for you.

Our Recommendation – Try either the Meladerm Skin Lightener or Illuminatural 6i for best results and an affordable price.

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